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Kristian Aartun


As the youngest Managing Director of a European record company, Edel Records AG Norway branch, Kristian started his career at the young age of 19. During his time with Edel he also founded Music Export Norway and was a board member for the Norwegian Grammy Awards and for the Ethical Conduct Committee for Norwegian Record Companies. Under his leadership, 2.5 million CD’s were sold in Norway before he moved on and became the Managing Director of EMI Publishing Norway AS. IN 2003 he founded his first radio station, Radio City, which became Norway’s most popular radio station.


After selling Radio City he took over Kraftfestivalen, a 5-day live music festival as a Chairman and founded another radio station in 2009, Radio 3. By that time a serial entrepreneur, Kristian wanted to explore adventures outside the music industry and started a magazine called “Kraftmagasinet” in 2009.


With a growing focus on inspiring others through innovation, new leadership styles and out of the box thinking he started NIEC in 2011, Norwegian International Entrepreneur Conference. With his large and international network, entrepreneurial speakers from all over the world have played a role in NIEC. In 2019 NIEC will be organized in Oslo, 1st of November. 


Kristian is Executive Chairman and Founder of the Dutch Norwegian Business Network.


Kristian is Founder and CEO of Aartun & Co.

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